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Thursday, December 01, 2016

examples for radio and television

I major in Radio and Television because I like to watch TV programs. When watching TV, the time is mine. I do not need to worry about real life. I can project myself as one of the characters and do whatever I want . I can imagine the most handsome man or the most beautiful girl in the world loves me only. But sadly, good men only exist in the tv programs or movies. Fantasy won’t last but at least it can bring me some comfort. Therefore, I want to produce and make some programs or films to bring sweet dreams or fantasy to people that they can forget unhappiness or troubles in the real world.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

example for students with different majors

Good morning teacher, and my dear classmates, I am very glad (happy) to be here to introduce myself. My Chinese Name is xxx and my English name is xxxx. I am a graduate student of Painting and Calligraphy Arts. I have learned calligraphy and painting since I was ten years old. I like painting because I like to feel the touch of brush on paper. When facing a piece of blank paper, I feel like I am a king of the world. I can decide and control everything on the paper. Besides, drawing brings a lot of joys to me. Indulging in the world of painting, I can forget all the sorrows and troubles in life. I hope my students and people around me can feel the same way I feel and can enjoy the delight of art. Thank you for your precious time Thank you for your attention.

I major in Radio and Television because I am very fond of listening to music. When I was studying hard to prepare college entrance exam, music accompanied me through those hard years, and it also uplifted my spirit whenever I felt down. Therefore, I would like to make a radio or tv program that brings beautiful music to my audience. I want my audience to feel the same way I feel and to help them through different kinds of life-altering periods.

I major in Drama because I love acting. When I stand on the stage, I feel the whole world is under beneath me. I enjoy the high of acting and I am glad that I can be somebody else when I am in different characters. I can experience various types of life. However, it is always important to find myself back after every play. Otherwise, it is fairly dangerous to get lost and cannot find myself back.

I major in painting because it makes me so happy. When I hold my brush and palette and work on a piece of blank paper, I can forget all the troubles in real life. The whole world is just between me and my painting. I can decide the color and lines. I am the king of the paper and I can control everything…

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Min-chen Tseng 曾敏珍 Contact Informaiton: TEL: (Day) 02-22722181 * 2442 (Night) 02-22722181 Cell phone No: Email address: Personal webpage: JOB POSITION Webpage Designer EDUCATION Sep. 2013 – Now, Master degree, Graduate School of Dance, National Taiwan University of Arts (Courses: nvbncv dfhfnfg fgmgmf) Sep. 2009 – Jun. 2013, Bachelor degree, Department of Dance, National Taiwan University of Arts Sep. 2006 – June. 2009, Talent Class of Dance, xxx Senior High School Google resume+awards Awards: http://www.christopherries.com/resume_awards.htm

Monday, July 01, 2013

Ten Frequently Asked Questions for Job Interview

1. Can you introduce yourself?
2. Why do you apply for this job?
3. Could you describe your personality?
4. What do you expect to learn from this job?
5. What can you contribute to this job? \
6. What did you like or dislike about your previous job?
7. Why did you quit your job?
8. Do you work well with other people?



Or just google job interview questions

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Self introduction for Freshmen

Good afternoon, everyone
(Good afternoon, my dear teacher and classmates.)
(Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.)
Today I am very glad to be here to introduce myself. I am also very happy to have the chance to get to know more classmates from different departments (subjects). I hope from my self-introduction, I will have a lot of friends and we will enjoy the English class for the whole academic year.
My Chinese name is _______. My English name is _______. I major in Motion Pictures. A lot of my friends ask me why I choose to study film. I always tell them that I like to watch movies. My favorite movie is August Rush. I have watched it for five times. August Rush describes a simple story. An orphan tries to find his long lost parents. It is simple but it touches the bottom of my heart. Therefore, apart from watching a movie, I hope one day I can make a movie which can touch people’s heart too, bring positive influence to the public, and heal wounded heart.
+ hometown
+ English proficiency tests
+ how English will help you
+ Anything to share?
That is all about me. Do you have any questions?
Thank you for your attention.
(Thank you for your precious time)
(This is the end of my self-introduction, thank you)

Self Introduction for Grduate Students

Good afternoon, everyone
(Good afternoon, my dear teacher and classmates.)
(Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.)

Today I am very glad to be here to introduce myself. I am also very happy to have the chance to get to know more classmates from different graduate schools (professional fields). I hope from my self-introduction, I will make a lot of friends and we will enjoy the English class for the whole academic year.
My Chinese name is _______. My English name is _______. I am a graduate student of Music. I have learnt to play piano since I was ten years old. I like music because I like the crystal sounds of piano keys, and the way it comforts my mind. Whenever I feel sad or happy, I play piano. When I feel angry, playing piano can release my anger and pressure. That is power and magic of music. I hope my music can also bring happiness and sorrows to people, and heals many wounded souls.

My home town is located in Lungtan. It is a small town in Taoyuan. Most people living there are hakkas. As a matter of fact, I have strong Hakka gene. I like to eat salty food, I talk loudly…etc. However, I did not inherit the good characteristic of Hakka, being frugal and saving money. I always spend up all of my salary in the end of the month. Nevertheless, if you stop by lungtan, please call me. I will be very happy to show you around.

Until now, I have not passed any English proficiency tests yet. It is a goal I want to achieve before graduation. I think to get an ENglish certificate will be very helpful when I look for a job or pursue further education.

English is an international language. I have many opportunities to perform in foreign countries. Every time after the concerts, a lot of foreigners come to talk to me, but I do not know how to communicate with them. I hope to improve my English and thus I will be able to convey the messages I would like to deliver.

At last, except practicing piano, I do not have many chances to make friends. I really hope I can make some friends from different expertise. Perhaps we could cooperate with each other and create new things or new styles of performances.

That is all about me. Do you have any questions?
Thank you for your attention.
(Thank you for your precious time)
(This is the end of my self-introduction, thank you)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Audioscripts for 1.11

Audio scripts 1.11

Announcer: It’s eight o’clock and time for Breakfast time.

Presenter: Good morning, everyone. Our guest this morning is the writer Norah Levy. Norah’s here this week promoting her new book We are family, which is all about how our position in family affects our personality. Welcome, Norah.

Norah: Thank you.

Presenter: Now is this really true, Norah? That our position in the family affects our personality?

Norah: Sure, Ok. Other factors can influence your personality, too, but your position in the family is definitely one of the strongest.

Presenter: So tell us a little about the oldest child in the family- the firstborn.

Norah: Well, the oldest children get maximum attention from their parents and the result is that they’re usually pretty self-confident people. They make good leaders. Did you know that fifty-two percent of the US presidents were firstborn children? Firstborn children are often ambitious and they’re more likely to go to college than their brothers or sisters. They often get the top jobs, too. Oldest children are often responsible people because they often have to take care of their younger brothers or sisters. The downside of this is that sometimes this means that when they’re older they worry a lot about things. They can also be a little bossy, or even aggressive, especially when they don’t get what they want.

Presenter: well, what about the middle child?

Norah: Well, middle children are usually independent and competitive.

Presenter: Competitive?

Norah: Yes, because they have to fight with their brothers and sisters for their parents’ attention. And they’re usually sociable. They like being with people, probably because they’ve always had other children to play with. However, on the negative side, middle children are often jealous of their brothers and sisters, and they can be moody.

Presenter: And the youngest children?

Norah: If you’re the youngest in a family, you’ll probably be very charming, very affectionate, and a pretty relaxed person. This is because parents are usually more relaxed when they have their last child. On the other hand, youngest children are often a little lazy. This is because they always have their older brothers and sisters to help them. And they can be pretty manipulative. They use their charm to get what they want.

Presenter: OK, that’s all very interesting. Now, I’m an only child. People often have the idea that only children like me are spoiled. Is that true?

Norah: well, it’s true in many cases! Only children are the only ones. They don’t have to share with anyone, so they’re often spoiled by their parents and their grandparents. As a result, they can be somewhat selfish. They think of themselves more than of other people.

Presenter: OK. Well, that sounds like a good description of me! Is there any good news?

Norah: Yes, there is. On the positive side, only children are usually very organized and responsible, and they can be very imaginative, too.

Presenter: Well, thank you, Norah, and good luck with the book. And now it’s time for the news headlines…

Monday, July 23, 2012

Audioscripts 1.6

Audio scripts 1.6

Interviewer: What was the most exciting game you refereed?

Juan Antonio: It’s difficult to choose one game as the most exciting. I remember some of the real Madrid-Barcelona games, for example, the first one I ever refereed. The atmosphere in the stadium was great. But really it’s impossible to pick just one-there have been so many.

Interviewer: Who was the best player you ever saw?

Juan Antonio: During my career, I’ve met many great player. It’s very difficult to say who was the best, but there’s one player who stands out for me, not just for being a great soccer player but also for being a great human being, and that was the Brazilian international player Mauro Sliva, who used to play here in Spain. Interviewer: What was the worst experience you ever had as a referee?

Juan Antonio: The worst? Well, that was something that happened very early in my career. I was only 16 and I was refereeing a game, I was attacked and injured by the players of the home team lost. After the game, I was attacked and injured by the players of the home team and by the spectators. After all these years I can still remember a mother who had a little baby in her arms and was trying to hit me. She was so angry with me that she nearly dropped her baby. That was my worst moment, and it nearly made me stop being a referee.

Interviewer: Do you think that there’s more cheating in soccer than in the past?

Juan Antonio: Yes, I think so.

Interviewer: Why?

Juan Antonio: I think it’s because there’s so much money in soccer today that it has become much more important to win. Also, the game is much faster than it used to be so it’s more difficult for referees to detect cheating. Interviewer: How do soccer players cheat? Juan Antonio: Oh, there are many ways, but for me the worst is what we call “simulation.” Players pretend there has been a foul when there has been no foul at all! For example, sometimes a player falls down and says someone pushed him or hit him when, in fact, nobody has touched him. In my opinion, when a player does this, he’s cheating not only the referee and the players of the other team, but also the spectators. The spectators pay money to see a fair contest, not to watch people cheat! Interviewer: What’s the most difficult thing about being a referee?

Juan Antonio: ah, the most difficult thing is to make the right decisions during a game. It’s difficult because you have to make decisions when everything’s happening so quickly-soccer today is very fast. Also, important decisions often depend on the referee’s interpretation of the rules. Things aren’t black and white. And of course making decisions would be much easier if players didn’t cheat. Interviewer: So, in your opinion fair play doesn’t exist any more.

Juan Antonio: No, I didn’t mean that. I think fair play does exist-the players who cheat are till the exceptions.

The Piano Guys

Recently, when I tried to find materials for students, I found this group, The Piano Guys, unexpectedly. Their music combines piano and cello, the most ravishing musical instruments in the world. Join me to listen to their music.

1. Twinkle Lullaby


2. Where are you Christmas? Jon Schmidt and his daughter Sarah, a beautiful little girl.


3. Bitter Sweet by Jon Schmidt and his son Spencer Schmidt.